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wE abide by Standards and Ethics stated by CCC. We are subject to British Law.
As counsellors, we will always respect your autonomy.
Our contact will be based on TRUST,

All information given by you is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. A counsellor is the ONLY person who will EVER have access to this information, including your identity,and any personal details. None of the information will be disclosed without YOUR expressed written permission.

A counsellor will do nothing that is not in YOUR best interest.Our main concern will be YOUR emotional well being.As a counsellors,we will always be there to guide and support you but all decisions will be YOURS alone.

Our computers is protected by a variety of privacy control software including firewalls which prevents unauthorised access.Nobody but us will have access to your information.After every session,we will detete your email from our system in order to secure your confidentiality.

The notes from online,telephone and in person communications WILL NOT be kept on our computers (hard drive),but on a protected disc safely locked away.

In the rare event that information should be disclosed (without your written consent),it would be when others are at risk.This includes any risk posed to children by another party.

A counsellor will always SEEK to obtain your PERMISSION first,should the need for disclosure arise.


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