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Herbs have accompanied humankind for millions of years.Herbal remedies have a clear

advantage over pharmacological compounds.First of all,they contain organic matter to which

our bodies have been accustomed to for generations.Secondly,chemical compounds in

herbs are stored in an active form,whereas the ones in pills are neutral,even though they

might have the same chemical make-up.Thirdly,herbs release synergy making the

absorption process much faster.Finally,herbs also contain vitamins,minerals and oils,which

in turn aid faster recovery.

By all means,if you are on medication prescribed by your doctor,we do not want you to

throw away your pills.However,if you would like to explore an alternative,you are more than

welcome to seek advice regarding herbal remedies.The herbalist will take your medical

history and carefully assess your suitability for a given herbal treatment. 

The initial fee is £40,any following consultation will be £30.A single herbal preparation costs £8.

There are phone and live chat or Skype consultations available for those whose life

style,family matters or heath make personal visit difficult.The fee for half an hour

consultation is £15 and £30 for an hour.

It is also possible to order certain herbal mixtures and drops by phone or email.The postal

charge is just £1.50.Remedies available for postal order are herbal teas,which are mixtures

of various pure,organic herbs to be brewed as tea,and herbal drops to be added to warm


Herbs are safe,but they might react with your pills.Nature might be a healthier option but

needs to be treated with caution.Please,seek our advice,if you are concerned in any way.

HAPPY TEA for depression CALM TEA for anxiety and panic Cost 8 per jar

HAPPY DROPS for depression 2 types CALM DROPS for anxiety,panic and phobias 2 types of drops 8 per bottle

MCV DROPS for alcohol problems Cost 8 per bottle

Phone no. 078 241 72383 or 0208 581 0784 Skype:dr.anna1

Email the practice

HOURS Monday to Friday 9.30 21.30 Saturday and Sunday 10.00 18.00

25 % Discount for Lower Waged and Students

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