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We are what we eat


Your Lifestyle

We would not be the first to divide all humans into two groups.The first group eats to live,the

second one lives to eat.You may wonder,which group has more fun and which one

constantly struggles to keep up with yet another diet.We all fall into the trap of conformity

and public perception.There are additional pressures of the government's healthy eating

campaigns,fashion trends,job specifications and job expectations.

Why isn't it alright to have a few extra pounds,if we feel happy and are healthy?Why do we

need to conform so much so others will treat us seriously or like us?Why can't we be just

ourselves,without being made feel guilty about it?If you trust us,we can help you to analyse

your lifestyle and suggest the optimum food plan.We will not ask you to go on some calorie

restricted diet or make you drastically change your eating habits.You can treat it as a

journey of your body's self-discovery.You will be surprised where it will lead you.

Health Problems

Some of you might feel a bit tired or sad.The food you will eat could change that.Some of

you might be suffering from more serious disorders,infections or allergies.We will help you

to select the best nutrition,so you can fight the disease and win.Some of you might want to

find out about foods,which will make you more energetic,spice up your relationship or

replenish your vitality.

There are positive and negative elements in all the nutriens.You might have heard that fat

and sugar are bad for you.Our view is that we need to eat everything in

moderation.Depriving your body of the nutriens generally viewed as unecessary might

actually cause harmful deficits in your body.This in turn will lower your immunity opening a

gate for infections.However,we are not here to scare you,but direct you towards the best

foods for you.

Unique Food Plan

Through my approach,we will lead you towards your individual,selective and unique

nutritional plan.Aside,from all the theories or nutrition,physical and mental wellbeing or

achieving full potential via life changes,there are fundamental differences between us as we

have widely varying temperaments and personalities.Helping you to select your food

path,we will base my recommendations on your temperament and personality.You will not

have to follow the plan blindly or without any diversion.It will only serve your guide to taster

 and more optimal food intake.we can promise you that it will not be boring or without

without really delicious treats.

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