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Counselling can be described as the means of relating and responding to others in order 

to provide them with ways to explore,clarify and work towards living in a more gratifying 

and resourceful way.

The main aim of counselling is to give an opportunity for people to work towards living in a

way they experience as more fulfilling,positive and effective.

Counselling addresses and resolves specific problems.A counsellor assists clients in 

making decisions and helps them cope with stress.Counselling enables people in 

developing personal insight and knowledge so they can work through their feelings and  

improve the relationship with others.

People seek counselling for various reasons.

Some people may be unhappy about the way their life is going,some may be experiencing

difficulties at work,college/university or at home. Others may have just learnt about a

diagnosis of illness or disability relating to them or those close to them.

People turn to counselling when they feel depressed,anxious, bullied,under stress or 

at the crossroads of their lives.Some people have eating disorders,drug or alcohol


There are others who have experienced abuse; verbal,emotional,physical or sexual in their

childhood or as adults.There are also people, who have experienced trauma or


Some people are unable to express their emotions,which creates communication 

problems within a family or work setting.Others need help in controlling their anger

Counselling gives them the chance to talk things through and very often relieves the

pressure, clearing the way for them to focus and decide what to do next.

Counselling will not offer immediate fixes, but will help you find a sense of direction

so you can work through your problems.

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