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Students and persons on low income have 25% discount

Click here to send us an email to book a session


You can send us an email at any time.A weekly rate is £50 ($100 US),and you can send as

many emails as you like. They will be answered within 12 hours.

If you would like to receive advice via email but you do not wish to contact a counsellor

every week,you could book a block of 10 emails for £120 ($240 US).

You could send them within few weeks or months.

If you would like just one email session,the charge is £25 ($50 US).

It will include a detailed response to the problems described in your email.We do not charge

for short enquiries.


We charge £20 ($40 US) for 30 minutes and £35 ($70 US) for an hour of live chat.

You can also  book a block of 4 chat sessions for £100 ($200 US).

Please book an appointment by email or phone


For a fee of £120 ($360 US) a month,you will get unlimited numer of emails and live/video

chats (chat sessions need to be booked).If you decide to pay for a yearly subscription,you

will receive 20% discount (that's more than 2 months free subscription).If you would like

email support for the whole year,the subsciption fee is £30 ($60 US) per month.

It provides you with unlimited number of emails.For those paying for a year in advance,

there is a discount of 20%.


For half an hour session,we charge £20 ($40 US).

For one hour session,we charge £35 ($70 US).

If you live in the United Kingdom,it is possible for a counsellor to ring you at your

convenience so you do not have to pay for the call.

Please book an appointment either through email or answer phone:

Tel.+44 078 241 72383 or 0208 581 0784


We charge £45 ($90 US) for an hour long consultation.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

If you wish,a home visit can be arranged.

Please book an appointment either by email or answer phone:

Tel.+44 078 241 72 383 or 0208 581 0784


If you wish to mix email exchange with either live chat or telephone therapy,

our fee will be £60 ($120 US) per week.That will include unlimited number of emails during

that period

If you would like to attend in person sessions and receive additional support by unlimited

email exchange,the charge will be £60 ($120 US) per week.

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