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(1)How online/telephone counselling differs from face2face therapy?

*For some people,it can be less embarassing and less stressful.It is also more annonymous than face to face counselling.Email and telephone counselling may help to overcome fears of confidentiality.

*It reduces personal,physical and geographical impediments.This means increased accessibility for people with disabilities,for carers,and those from remote areas,or working away from home.

*It can be used flexibly with fewer time constraints than face to face sessions
as I can call you late at night or exchange emails with you throughout the whole day.

(2)What happens if we lose connection?

In the rare event,when we might be disconnected or we cannot communicate online within two hours,we will not charge you for that session. The same goes for a telephone session.

(3)Is online counselling secure?

Our computers are protected by a variety of privacy control software including firewalls.
Your email will be deleted after each session, so nobody will have an access to it.Counsellors will not be storing any of your personal data on any computer (hard drive) but on a protected disc safely put away in a safe-type cabinet.All our data is triple protected.

(4)How often and how many sessions should you have?

It is entirely up to you.However,with chat and telephone sessions,we recommend once or twice weekly sessions for approximately 6 weeks.

(5)What if you want to change the time of a session?

Please,let us know by either email or phone 24 hours in advance.

(6)What if you have missed your session?

We do not charge for missed sessions,we will refund your fee.

(7)What if you choose a face to face session?

You can contact us either by email or answerphone to arrange a mutually convenient session.Please,remember that evening sessions and home visits can also be arranged.

(8)Is it possible to mix email,chat or telephone
counselling with in person therapy?

You can have any type of support you wish.
If you decide upon the combination of internet,
phone and face2face counselling,reduced rates will apply.Please,
see Prices & Appointments Section about it.

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